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Browser-Based, WYSIWYG Editor for S1000D Projects

Simpler to use than a traditional XML editor, S1000DauthorPro™ XE provides complete control to edit XML content. WYSIWYG technology helps to streamline the complexity of the S1000D specification, and enables authors at multiple sites to quickly understand and begin work on new projects. No additional tools or installations on remote user systems are necessary – all S1000D authoring functionality is included, easily accessible in a browser-based interface.

Inmedius S1000DauthorPro XEThe modernized UI includes panels, clear iconography, and larger button sizes and row heights for touch input.

S1000DauthorPro XE Benefits

  • Quickly, easily create S1000D content with schema-based validation
  • Concentrate more on content, less on presentation with WYSIWYG editing
  • Additional Tags or Text authoring modes also available for more detailed control
  • Work remotely from any location with web access
  • Improve project turnaround and reduce delivery times
  • Significantly less time for software installation

Deploy Web-based CSDB for Easy, Low Cost Distribution

The browser-based editor integrates directly with Inmedius® S1000DmanagerTM on multiple levels. With this streamlined integration of the authoring and management applications, authors and project managers have a single point of visibility and access to data stored in the Common Source Database (CSDB).

Deploy Web-based CSDB for Easy DistributionEasily embed the online S1000D editor on a web server and eliminate the need to install software at remote office locations.

Multiple Editor View Options

Select WYSIWYG, Tags or Text authoring modes to write, manage and retrieve Data Modules that comply with S1000D requirements. AuthorPro XE ensures that S1000D project rules are automatically enforced, so authors focus more attention on creating quality technical content.

Multiple Editor View OptionsGenerate and deliver documents that are compliant to the specification with speed and accuracy.

Utilize Advanced S1000D Tools

Quickly and easily create S1000D- compliant content, with advanced features including integrated cross referencing and management, project and language configurations, data reuse, graphic and hotspot integration, and data module validation and integrity checks.

Utilize Advanced S1000D ToolsConduct a quick validation against business rules before sending data modules through the quality assurance workflow.