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Intuitive, Sophisticated Authoring Solution for S1000D Projects

S1000DauthorPro™ is a comprehensive authoring solution insuring single or multiple projects are up and running quickly. This robust S1000D authoring tool provides authors with a sophisticated and intuitive environment to easily conform to S1000D authoring requirements. AuthorPro ultimately enables S1000D authors to concentrate on technical content development instead of the final formatted and published outputs. The Business Rules Verification Tool allows the author to carry out a quick desktop quality assessment before releasing a Data Module into the Common Source Database (CSDB). Authors are assured that the integrity of the CSDB is maintained throughout the S1000D authoring process.

Inmedius S1000DauthorProWorking hand-in-hand with AuthorPro’s context-sensitive environment ensures S1000D docs are compliant to the specification and delivered with speed and accuracy.

S1000DauthorPro Benefits

  • Reduce delivery times, costs
  • Easily conform to S1000D authoring requirements, including S1000D Issue 4.0 schemas
  • Concentrate on S1000D content vs. presentation
  • Prevent non-compliant Data Modules from entering the Common Source Database (CSDB)
  • Use graphic hotspots in the Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) environment
  • Insert Warnings & Cautions from project resource files
  • Access multiple S1000D project configurations at each author’s workstation

Create, Manage & Retrieve Data Modules

Data Module Creation

Write Data Modules that comply with various S1000D changes, including Issue 4.0 schemas. Since the authoring solution ensures that project rules are enforced, authors are free to concentrate on creating quality technical content and do not have to be burdened with S1000D project documentation rules.

Create S1000D Issue 4 Data Modules

Integration with S1000Dmanager & Common Source Database

Users can quickly access S1000Dmanager projects to locate and open assigned Data Modules; allowing an integrated workflow with the Common Source Database (CSDB). The aim of a CSDB is to provide the technical authors, illustrators and publication managers with automated processes to handle the complete collection of CSDB objects.Workstations can be synchronized with the latest project settings, Data Module Requirements List (DMRL), approved applicabilities, and reusable warnings and cautions; ensuring each author has the most current information available.

Insert REFDM from Data Module Requirement List

Users are able to choose a REFDM from a selection of Data Modules contained within a Data Module Requirement List (DMRL). The workstation extracts from S1000Dmanager all of the relevant Data Modules within a project. The author simply selects a REFDM from a list rather than performing the lengthy process of scrolling through spreadsheets and database tables to locate the information.

Validate with Inmedius Advisor

Data Module Validation

Integrity Checks

Over 100 automated checks are performed on each Data Module before being released into the Common Source Database (CSDB). S1000D authors are instantaneously presented with detailed feedback on Data Modules that fail S1000D or specific project rules; which heightens the response time to correct the affected Data Module. The context sensitive authoring and editing environment ensures S1000D documents are compliant and delivered with speed and accuracy.

Hotspot Integration & Validation

Easily identify graphic hotspots that the author needs to link to and extract hotspot information. In addition, AuthorPro notifies the S1000D author if a previously authored link to a hotspot has changed within an illustration.

Cross Reference Management

Integrated Cross Referencing

Cross Reference Management

View all cross references in the system from a centralized location. An easy-to-use selection box provides the ability to create a cross reference with a single click. The software prevents the author from having to carry out a multi-step task; significantly decreasing the margin for error. The burden of performing lengthy steps associated with authoring a reference is removed, with authors instead able to concentrate on critical content development.

External Links

Easily add external links to the S1000D system. When inserting an external link to another REFDM, the author is presented with a selection list populated from Data Module Requirement Lists (DMRLs) in S1000Dmanager. The S1000D authoring software also accommodates the use of the S1000D XLINK capability, allowing authors to select specific targets within external Data Modules.


References can be filtered and displayed by type. The S1000D authoring system is configurable to restrict or maximize the choice of targets that are allowed within Data Modules, supporting projects that limit the choice of internal XREFS that can be used by an author.


Project Configurations

Users can set the S1000D authoring tool to keep them up-to-date with the most current configurations, ensuring S1000D authors are provided with the latest approved information.

Language Configuration

The authoring solution provides users with the ability to customize and localize both the working environment and the technical data that is created within the system. All auto-generated information within a Data Module can be localized to the language that is required.