Streamlines Authoring & Management of Parts Catalogs

S1000Dconstructor™ is an advanced, project-oriented, parts catalog management solution. Parts lists, or groups of equipment elements with callouts, are difficult to build and manage. Interactive and efficient, the system’s extensive features simplify the complex task of creating and managing a Parts List while providing robust capabilities essential to project management. Simply import Parts List data from one of multiple sources, including S2000M, a material management standard. Update and manage multiple Parts Catalogs across multiple projects. Export complex Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Data Modules quickly and accurately.

Inmedius S1000DconstructorBuild Parts Lists by adding, editing, and deleting elements.

S1000Dconstructor Benefits

  • Create IPD Data Modules quickly & easily
  • Streamline parts data acquisition & compilation
  • Improve ease of use when handling IPD Data Module data
  • Reduce errors in exchange of parts related data
  • Increase efficiency of parts

Cost Effective Solution for Quickly Creating IPDs

IPD Data Modules are some of the most complex S1000D Data Modules to author and manage. Access to accurate parts information is essential when developing and managing both IPDs and technical publications. Because of the complexity, parts data management can be a very costly and tedious processes.

Constructor provides S1000D users with an efficient and low cost solution for creating and managing IPD Data Modules in a fully integrated S1000D solution. Authors simply create Parts Catalogs in a central repository where Data Modules are automatically built to the desired S1000D Issue. Comprehensive and efficient, the system significantly reduces costs without compromising the final output.

Reach Unprecedented Levels of Performance & Efficiency

Constructor and the fully integrated S1000D Publishing Suite is a complete, end-to-end solution to successfully manage the technical documentation publication process. The Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software is easy-to-use, implement and maintain. Breakthrough features continue to change the landscape of technical publishing; making every facet of the S1000D implementation possible. Only with an integrated solution can rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out from start-up through authoring to final delivery.

Parts Catalog Projects

Manage Parts Projects

Part information is stored in a central database to facilitate project collaboration. Constructor guides users by maintaining Project, Figures and Parts.

Easy management of parts informationUsers can easily add, edit, and manage parts information in a central database.

Import Parts Data

Bring in data from multiple sources, allowing population of the database from external sources. In addition to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet files, S2000M data may also be imported.

Parts Data Compilation

Part Item Management

Create Part Items by automating and managing catalog sequence numbers. Easy-to-use wizards simplify and guide users through the complex process of authoring Parts Items.

Wizard-aided authoring of Parts ItemsWizards guide authors through the complex process of authoring Parts Items.

Update & Edit

Display Parts Lists in an item list allowing easy navigation of the figure items. When selecting an item in the list, users can quickly update the information. Create new parts information quickly and easily by selecting options from a Parts Library.

Multiple Projects

The software’s project oriented approach significantly simplifies the complex task of managing Parts List. Users manage and maintain Parts Catalogs across multiple projects with ease.

S1000D Compliant Output

Export Parts Catalogs from the system as a S1000D IPD Data Module.

S1000D compliant outputThe IPD Data Modules output is compliant to multiple Issues of the S1000D Speci�cation.

DMC & ICN Code Output

S1000D Data Module Codes (DMC) and Information Control Numbers (ICN) are assigned to Parts Lists and Figures allowing management of information in conformance to the S1000D Specification.

Create Parts List

Export Part Catalogs from the system as a S1000D IPD Data Module. Data is structured to be compliant to multiple Issues of the Specification, allowing support from projects with varying requirements.

Integration with S1000Dmanager

Import S1000D Data Modules into Manager for publication and management. Full integration with Manager provides immediate and straightforward integration with the Common Source Database (CSDB).

Client Requirements


  • DB: MySQL™ 5.5 (must be installed before product installation)
  • Plug-in: PTC® Arbortext® IsoView™ 7.2 for Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM) support


  • CPU: 2 GHz (dual core processor); 64-bit system recommended
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk: 100 MB
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x1024 recommended