Transform S1000D Publication Data to SCORM®

Instructor unlocks the S1000D data within a Data Module, reorganizes and transforms it into SCORM® (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) eLearning material. SCORM courseware is easily customized to meet training requirements, ensuring consistency with your Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP). Developers author Training Content (TC) from S1000D data, publish SCORM-compliant output, and manage both in a generic content repository. The seamless transformation solution also supports the incorporation of movies, audio, Adobe® Flash animations, and other trainer-authored content.

Inmedius S1000DinstructorS1000D data is accessed at a very detailed level, maximizing reuse and eliminating the timely and error-prone manual process of re-authoring or cutting and pasting relevant content.

S1000Dinstructor Benefits

  • Ensure consistency between IETP & training material
  • Maximize S1000D data reuse, down to an element level
  • Customize content, published SCORM courseware to meet training requirements
  • Publish SCORM-compliant compliant courseware
  • Easily manage, access training content & SCORM-compliant output

The Power of Integration

Instructor and the integrated S1000D Publishing Suite is a complete, end-to-end solution to successfully manage the technical documentation publication process. Working in conjunction with S1000Dmanager and S1000DauthorPro, Instructor accesses one or many S1000D objects and transforms them into SCORM-compliant output. This automated, disciplined process allows the author to reuse smaller sub-sections of the S1000D information, and to inject training multimedia objects and relate them to the S1000D content. In addition, Instructor links to the Inmedius Horizon® content management system, allowing users to manage and access training-specific content in a generic repository environment.

Author, Customize SCORM Courseware

Create eLearning Material from S1000D Source Data

Automated, disciplined process unlocks the complex S1000D technical data within a Data Module, reorganizes and transforms it into SCORM courseware. Reuse S1000D information directly as an entire Data Module, or as specific elements within a Data Module to customize Training Content (TC) at a very detailed level.

Author, Customize S1000D eLearning Materials

Author Training Content from Outside of S1000D

Incorporate additional or supplemental training information inline, within the same view as the S1000D source data.

Inject Multimedia Objects

Add multimedia objects, including; movies, audio, and Adobe® Flash animations, and relate them to the S1000D content.

Preview SCORM Output

Review and proof SCORM output and training material before publishing, using the same stylesheets.

Publish SCORM-Compliant Output

All SCORM-compliant output files are in the form of HTML packages.

Publish SCORM-Compliant Output

Use Stylesheets & Package Skins

Tailor the look & feel of SCORM courseware to meet customer requirements.

Customize SCORM Output Package Organization

Prepare courseware in a SCORM-structured organization representing the final package’s manifest.

Add Sequencing & Navigation Information

Utilize SCORM sequencing & navigation structures to author specific training flows into the TC.

Manage Training Content & SCORM Output

Store Training Content & SCORM Output

Link to the Inmedius Horizon content management system to access and store TC and SCORM output in a generic repository.

Manage S1000D Training Content and Output

Validation & Reference Checking

Validate references to source content and manage changes between publication cycles.

Generate System Reports

Create reports and views based on document information and workflow states.

Instructor is comprised of two components; one which is installed into Inmedius® Horizon® and the other as a plug-in to the PTC® Arbortext® Editor™ .

Server Requirements


  • Host Application: Current version of Inmedius® Horizon®

Client Requirements


  • Host Application: PTC® Arbortext® Editor ™ 5.4, 6
  • Dependency: Inmedius® Horizon® plug-in to the Arbortext Editor and S1000DauthorPro™ if the user wishes to synchronize their S1000D content with S1000Dmanager™.


  • Disk Space: 25 MB plus additional space for previewing content