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Comprehensive S1000D Project Management Control

Manage the Complete Technical Documentation Process

S1000Dmanager™ and the integrated Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ offer a complete, end-to-end solution to successfully manage the technical documentation publication process. These performance-oriented applications create, organize and distribute data and technical information assets, supporting the entire S1000D documentation lifecycle.

Inmedius S1000Dmanager 6.0S1000Dmanager provides a framework for controlling the creation of technical data utilizing specific DM, DMRL, ICN and security settings, in addition to managing workflow and project status

S1000Dmanager Key Benefits

  • Enables easy setup and management for S1000D projects
  • Manage access and control multiple projects across global teams
  • Integration with Microsoft® Project and Excel supports project schedule development and cost analysis
  • Inmedius Dashboard, workflow, auditing and customized reporting tools provide project management visibility and insight
  • Quality assurance and validation support checks to monitor compliance with S1000D and customized business rules throughout product lifecycle

S1000D Document Creation

Document Storage and Structured S1000D Data Viewing

  • SNS structures stored/edited separately
  • Information codes mapped to Data Module (DM) type

S1000D Project Management

  • Data Module definition
  • Create/manage Information Control Numbers (ICN) and Data Module Codes (DMC)
  • Track Data Management Requirement Lists (DMRL)
  • Define and maintain project configurations
  • Business Rules Exchange (BREX) allows project configuration sharing
  • Key functions accessible directly from Inbox and Document screen

User Controlled Project Access and Privileges

  • Manage and control projects for globally separated teams
  • Multiple level security and access controls on shared projects
  • Document access based on user viewing rights authorization

Applicability Management

  • Applicability and effectivity management support for S1000D Issue 1.9 through 2.3
  • Applicability management support for S1000D Issue 3.0 through 4.1
  • Built-in Applicability Editor ensures compliance with Project Applicability Cross-Reference Table (ACT) and Condition Cross-Reference Table (CCT)

Customer Configuration Management, Filtered Publishing

  • Customized data sets –
    • organize applicability Data Module Extension (DME), products and languages

Workflow Capabilities

  • Worklow technology, version control and commenting capabilities ensures compliance with business standards

Data Module Management

S1000D Document Editing & Management Capability

Manager, together with S1000DauthorPro™ and S1000DauthorPro™ XE, supports editing and management requirements in the S1000D specification. Management functions are provided for all S1000D objects including Data Modules (DMs), Publication Modules (PMs), Illustrations, Data Management Requirements Lists (DMRLs), and SNS. Legacy versions (back to Issue 1.6) of S1000D are also supported.

Manager provides a number of features and capabilities to streamline S1000D document management. Features include:

  • Store, manage, retrieve S1000D objects across multiple projects
  • Easy tracking, security controls and quality assurance
  • Expanded search/filter capabilities for multiple criteria
  • Preview formatted Data Modules

Publication Modules & Publishing

  • Manage all Publication Modules (PMs) for each project
  • Extract/synchronize PM for DMRLs
  • Store and control applicability and effectivity information
  • Integrated for export to Inmedius® S1000Dprism™, Inmedius® S1000Dreview™, and Inmedius® S1000Dpublisher™

Integrated PDF Publishing

  • Publish directly to PDF using integrated S1000Dpublisher
  • Specify/output multiple formats in one publish cycle
  • Upload customization sets to produce user-specific output

Data Module Requirements Lists

  • DMRLs managed as separate documents –
    • easily create, merge, revise, import or remove as needed
  • Check out, issue, approve DMRLs with their own workflow
  • Controls include Issue numbers/dates, quality assurance and workflow status
  • Project-wide DMRL and all related documents available in Project Library
  • Generate CSDB status lists

Reporting & Audit Trails

Dashboard Reporting

  • Centralized Inmedius Dashboard provides visual representation of complete S1000D technical documentation process
  • Key metrics enable project efficiency monitoring, identifying problems
  • Essential project monitoring tools to help ensure on time, on budget deliveries

Custom Reporting

  • Import report templates created by Jaspersoft® Reporting engine
  • Interactive data compiled from multiple sources
  • Custom reports stored in Manager repository

Microsoft® Project & Excel Integration

  • Schedule definition and maintenance
  • Cost analysis with user-defined spreadsheets

Time-Stamped Audit Trails

  • Tracking through entire check-out, editing process

Validation Support

  • Quality Assurance check of DM on check-in or import
  • Layered BREX support at multiple levels in hierarchy
  • Errors, non-compliance with S1000D easily identified
  • Can be integrated with Inmedius® Advisor™ to ensure strict enforcement of organizational rules