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Server-Based, Scalable PDF Publisher

S1000Dpublisherâ„¢ easily and efficiently publishes structured S1000D Data Modules and transforms them into common print output formats, without any third-party dependencies. The software uses web-based standards to publish to PDF from the Common Source Database (CSDB) and is optimized for loose-leaf publishing.

Publisher utilizes a comprehensive library of customizable stylesheets and common web-based standards such as XHTML, XSLT and CSS, simplifying the implementation of advanced document layouts. With Publisher, there is no need for parallel efforts to produce S1000D information while complying with other printed manual formats. Print output is formatted to produce S1000D with out-of-the-box stylesheets.

Inmedius S1000DpublisherThe software efficiently publishes structured S1000D Data Modules into common types of print output, using common Web-based technologies for easy stylesheet creation, customization and maintenance.

S1000Dpublisher Key Benefits

  • Quickly create S1000D documentation straight to PDF from CSDB
  • Easily modify or customize documents
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for parallel efforts
  • Leverage common source data for both military and commercial document publishing

Integrated PDF Publishing

PDF publishing is integrated into S1000Dmanagerâ„¢ as a Publication Type. This allows S1000D content to be published straight to PDF from the CSDB, with point paragraph and insert page(s) support, and a Change Page Package option.

S1000D Content Creation

Efficiently create traditional paper-based publications from S1000D documentation. Built-in CGM support produces scalable, sharp vector graphics without additional plugins. Applicability labeling includes specific configuration information to track content variations. Working together with Manager, produce manuals with client-specific content.

Loose-Leaf Publishing

Key functions facilitate the creation and management of paper-based publications, including: automatic preliminary content generation, chapter titling and numbering, reference link management, multi-volume publishing, applicability tagging, and effective page management..

Change Page ManagementCustomizable templates provide flexibility in generating front matter information.