S1000D Publishing Suite

Capture, Create, Manage and Deploy Data and Technical Information Assets

The Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite delivers a comprehensive modular software solution designed to successfully manage the end-to-end technical documentation process.

The Value of an Integrated Solution

Easy to implement, maintain and use, the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite supports the key functions of project management, authoring, quality assurance, viewing and publishing. Processes are simplifed, communications are streamlined, quality of information is enhanced and the resulting new efficiencies save time and money throughout the technical documentation lifecycle.

This integrated solution enables effective and automatic application of business rules, from project start-up through final delivery and revisions. Once project rules are established in the Common Source Database (CSDB), they are automatically managed throughout the production process. Viewing rights and editing privilege controls are applied, along with security labeling and limits on the type of information that appears for different classes of users.

The Suite also provides precise control over documentation delivered in alternative formats, including PDF files and printed manuals.

Together, these innovative, performance-oriented S1000D applications capture, create, organize and deliver data and technical information assets with a higher level of productivity and efficiency.


Comprehensive S1000D Project Management Control

Inmedius S1000Dmanager simplifies the complex task of implementing the S1000D Common Source Database (CSDB) and provides essential project management capabilities. It extends the functionality of a Content Management System (CMS) to include S1000D project setup and management capabilities in one central location.

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Server-Based, Scalable PDF Publisher for S1000D Source Data

Easily and efficiently publish structured S1000D Data Modules and transform them into common print output formats. PDF publishing is integrated into Inmedius S1000Dmanager™ as a Publication Type, allowing S1000D content to be published straight to PDF from the Common Source Database (CSDB).

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Designed by S1000D experts, Inmedius offers powerful and easy to use authoring solutions. The robust collection of content creation software provides authors with sophisticated and intuitive environments to easily conform to Specification authoring requirements:

S1000DauthorPro XE

Browser-Based, WYSIWYG Editor for S1000D Projects

The 100% browser-based solution provides authors with an intuitive environment to quickly and easily create and edit S1000D content. The WYSIWYG technology enables a broader pool of S1000D authors, many of whom previously may have been excluded, due the complexity of the Specification.

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Intuitive, Sophisticated Authoring Solution for S1000D Projects

Inmedius S1000DauthorPro provides a dynamic conduit to the CSDB in a desktop environment, giving authors instant access to critical project information. Authors are able to focus on technical content development rather than formatting.

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Rapidly View, Share S1000D Publications Online & Offline

This browser-based solution allows local users to view S1000D-compliant documentation on a standalone basis, or while connected to a server over an Intranet or Internet.

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Complete Quality Assurance Solution for S1000D Documents

Inmedius S1000Dreview streamlines the quality assurance process for S1000D documents and provides efficiency in collecting comments and facilitating approvals in a closed-loop review process.

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Synchronizes, Links LSAR Data & Technical Documentation

By synchronizing LSAR and S1000D data sources, each system works independently, but together; eliminating effort duplication. This seamless change management solution ensures that changes in engineering data are tracked and implemented by technical publication departments, so that documentation is accurate and timely.

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Streamlines Authoring & Management of Parts Catalogs

Comprehensive and efficient, Inmedius S1000Dconstructor significantly reduces costs by simplifying the complex task of managing parts lists.

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