S1000D Publishing Suite

S1000D Software

The industry’s most comprehensive and integrated set of tools, the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite is an end-to-end software solution. Easy to implement, maintain and use, the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software is changing the landscape of technical publishing with breakthrough new features that make every facet of your S1000D implementation possible. These innovative, performance-oriented applications cultivate, organize, and disseminate data and technical information assets — supporting the entire S1000D documentation lifecycle.

The Rewards of an Integrated Solution

The challenge that Inmedius has recognized and addressed was not only to develop software that supported the key functions of S1000D—managing, authoring, quality assurance, viewing, and publishing—but also to integrate each function. Communication within development groups is streamlined. Processes are simplified. Quality of information is enhanced. And new efficiencies help to save time and money.

Only with an integrated solution can rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out—from start-up through authoring to final delivery, and changes made later in the document lifecycle. Consider a project for which additional security levels have been contractually mandated. With the S1000D Publishing Suite, the project manager specifies those special configuration rules once; extending or even amending those defined by S1000D. Once those project rules are established in the Common Source Database (CSDB), they are automatically managed throughout the process—controlling what content the author can or cannot see or amend, addressing both the security labeling and the extent of information that appears for different classes of users. And the Suite even provides precise control over documentation delivered in alternative formats such as PDF files and printed manuals.


Comprehensive S1000D Project Setup & Management Support

A true management system, the software’s extensive features provide a framework for controlling the development of technical data utilizing S1000D publishing concepts. Easy-to-use, the robust software integrates authoring through publishing. With its strong, process-driven business approach, Manager extends the functionality of a Content Management System (CMS) to the software’s S1000D project setup and support capabilities.

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Designed by S1000D experts, Inmedius offers powerful and easy to use authoring solutions. The robust collection of content creation software provides authors with sophisticated and intuitive environments to easily conform to Specification authoring requirements:

S1000DauthorPro XE

Browser-Based, WYSIWYG Editor for S1000D Projects

Comprehensive authoring solution provides unparalleled ease of use while insuring that single or multiple projects are up and running quickly. The 100% browser-based solution provides authors with a sophisticated and intuitive environment to quickly and easily create and edit content that conforms to S1000D requirements. The WYSIWYG technology enables a broader pool of S1000D authors, many of whom previously may have been excluded, due the complexity of the Specification.

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Robust Content Creation Software for S1000D Projects

Authors easily conform to complex S1000D requirements with this robust content creation software; enabling them to concentrate on technical content development instead of the final formatted and published outputs. The Business Rules Verification tool allows the author to carry out a quick desktop quality assessment before releasing a Data Module into the Common Source Database (CSDB). Authors are assured that the integrity of the CSDB is maintained throughout the authoring process.

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Quality Assurance Solution for S1000D Documents

Streamlines the comment and approval process for S1000D documents in a complete, closed-loop system. The software facilitates adding, sending and editing internal or external comments, delivers quick integration with the CSDB to re-author or revise the affected Data Module, maintains a complete electronic history of documents, and centralizes administration and security. Easy to administer and use, the browser-based software provides workflow, discipline and closure to the S1000D Quality Assurance process; dramatically increasing the efficiency of collecting comments and facilitating approvals in the review cycle.

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Synchronize, Link LSAR Data & S1000D Technical Documentation

The missing link between Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) and S1000D data, the software enables users to easily synchronize and link the two. Impact provides a balanced approach to data integration, facilitating both control and flexibility. By synchronizing LSAR and S1000D data sources, Impact allows each system to work independently, but in concert with one another; eliminating duplication of effort in creating information and managing changes. The seamless change management solution ensures that changes in engineering data are tracked and implemented by technical publication departments, so that documentation is up-to-date, accurate and produced in a timely manner. Information from various sources — LSAR data, technical publications, product data models, engineering drawings — can be maintained, tracked and acted upon. Browser-based Impact also provides robust workflow capabilities, audit trails and reporting functions to maintain controls and manage changes.

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Server-Based, Scalable PDF Publisher for S1000D Source Data

Easily and efficiently publish structured S1000D Data Modules and transform them into common print output formats.PDF publishing is integrated into Inmedius S1000Dmanager™ as a Publication Type, allowing S1000D content to be published straight to PDF from the CSDB. The software uses Web-based standards technologies to print to PDF and is optimized for loose-leaf publishing. Built-in CGM file support generates clear, scalable vector imagery without the need for additional third-party plug-ins. Publisher also supports customizations, free of proprietary stylesheet language. Along with a comprehensive library of core stylesheets, the system includes override templates. This allows changes to the stylesheets to be easily managed, simplifying document creation and maintenance while improving efficiency.

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Flexible Viewer to Rapidly Share S1000D Publications Online & Off

Information users feel at ease and proficient in a familiar browser-based environment, complete with annotations, bookmarks, search, and other advanced features; including referencing or linking to external data. This approach makes it unnecessary to install costly software on the user’s machine. Interact’s unique deployment configuration supports both connected and disconnected operations. A flexible publishing capability to see the same format on screen as the PDF, ensures a familiar look for the user throughout the viewing process. Printing from Interact has the same look and feel as documents printed from the authoring environment. Stylesheets for each S1000D Data Module type are provided and can be customized.

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Streamlines Authoring & Management of Parts Catalogs

S1000Dconstructor is an advanced project-oriented S1000D parts catalog management solution. Parts lists, or groups of equipment elements with callouts, are difficult to build and manage. Interactive and efficient, the system’s extensive features simplify the complex task of creating and managing Parts Lists while providing robust capabilities essential to project management. Simply import Parts List data from one of multiple sources including S2000M, a material management standard. Update and manage multiple Parts Catalogs across multiple project. Export complex Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Data Modules quickly and accurately.

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