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Quality Assurance Solution for ASD S1000D Documents

When a variety of disconnected methods used to communicate comments, omissions, and errors during the lifecycle of an S1000D technical document do not comply with the Specification, it can lead to substantial errors, extensive lag time and costly mistakes. S1000Dreview™ streamlines the comment and approval process for S1000D documents in a complete, closed-loop software system. Utilizing the standard comment feature within the S1000D paradigm, Review allows publishing organizations to obtain quick and efficient feedback on S1000D documents from their clients. Publication managers can easily create superior technical documentation, while incorporating user input through a concise review process. Communication between the S1000D project manager, authors and end-user is streamlined, and the electronic process reduces the margin for error.

Inmedius S1000Dreview

S1000Dreview Benefits

  • Efficiently add, send & edit internal & external comments
  • Reduce substantial content errors, extensive lag time & costly mistakes
  • Enforce a close-looped review cycle
  • Streamline Quality Assurance processes
  • Easily access complete document history of comments

The Power of Integration

Review and the integrated Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite is a complete, end-to-end solution to successfully manage the technical documentation publication process. The Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software is easy-to-use, implement and maintain. Breakthrough features are changing the landscape of technical publishing, making every facet of the S1000D implementation possible. Only with an integrated solution can rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out from start-up through authoring to final delivery.

Review is completely integrated with the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite, providing quick and easy integration with the Common Source Database (CSDB). Comments are sent directly to S1000Dmanager in order to re-author or revise the affected Data Module. Comments can be emailed or automatically inserted and associated within a specific Data Module in the CSDB.

Complete S1000D Quality Review Process

Complete Quality Review Process

Centralized Administration, Security

With S1000Dreview, the system administrator designates the users that have access, while controlling the various levels of security. The administrator maintains the log-in information and passwords that are assigned, ensuring complete control over the system, without placing any unnecessary burden on the MIS department.

Enhanced Security with Single Sign-On

Users can access S1000Dreview without requiring a user login. User passwords are managed by Active Directory. Review privileges are maintained with the system and are not be provided by the OS credentials. Privileges are based on the S1000Dreview system capabilities provided to that user.

Edit Comments

Throughout the lifecycle of the quality review process, users are able to edit comments as they evolve, or remove comments that have been resolved.

Comment Notification

Users are notified when a new comment has been added. All comments on the document are specific to an exact location on the page, which enables efficient and effective viewing of all comments.

Complete Document History

S1000Dreview maintains a complete history of all user comments for audit and review accuracy. Review the comment history at a future date even if the quality review process cycle for a particular S1000D technical document has ended.

Enter Comments Within Viewing System

Robust Commenting & Data Modifying Capabilities

Add & Send Comments

Easily input comments directly into the technical document where an error is present or a change needs to occur. Simply highlight a word and right click to add a comment. The S1000D author quickly receives the information back and makes the appropriate changes based on the comments that were inserted.

Multi-User Comments Viewing Capabilities

Users have the ability to view, but not edit another reviewer’s comments. The administrator retains the option of restricting comments for a blind review, if desired. In a blind review, the software only displays comments made by the individual, commenting user. The system default, however, is to show and share multiple reviewers’ comments.

Flexible Comment View

Change Markers

Change Markers can be used to highlight new or updated sections of content allowing easy identification of new information.

Change Markers Highlight EditsChanges are highlighted on the screen based on the content mark-up. Sections of data that have changed are highlighted in green if added or modified, or in red if deleted. A Change Bar labeled "Warning" appears in front of the changed content.

Context Sensitive Troubleshooting

When a Fault occurs, Review provides context-sensitive troubleshooting by displaying a specific Data Module based on that Fault Code. While uploading a manual, a mapping of Fault Codes to Data Modules is generated by Review. Only Fault Isolation, Isolated Faults, Detected Faults and Observed Faults will be stored. S1000Dreview will examine the generated mapping file to determine the appropriate action. If only one Data Module entry exists against the Fault Code, then the Data Module will be loaded. If more than one Data Module entry exists, then a page will appear which lists all the associated Data Modules. When the user chooses one of the Data Modules, S1000Dreview will load the appropriate page.

Fault DisplayWhen a Fault occurs, S1000Dreview displays a specific Data Module, or list of DMs. based on the Fault Code.


Easy Access

Browser-Based Solution

A hassle-free application, to obtain quick and efficient feedback, that eliminates client software installation and is utilized via the Intranet or organization Intranet. S1000Dreview is also supported on non-Windows client systems, allowing for the Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox®.

Specification Issue 4.0 Support

The complete set of functionality within S1000Dreview supports Issue 4.0 of the Specification. The current software release includes support for the following Data Module or document types:

  • Crew/Operator
  • Publication
  • Descriptive
  • Schedule
  • Fault
  • Wiring Data
  • Illustrated Parts Data (IPD)
  • Wiring Data Description
  • Procedural

Additional Features

  • Ability to resize the navigation, content & graphic frames
  • Search results are highlighted in yellow
  • The quick-switch drop down displays publication titles
  • Ability to generate a discrepancy report
  • When installing on Oracle®, the user has the ability to define a User & Password for the database schema that is created