Inmedius S1000D


Webinar: Out-of-the Box Stylesheets & Customization Simplify, Streamline S1000D Publishing

Even in the age of modern information delivery, there is still a need to deliver paper-based publications and manuals. Inmedius® S1000Dpublisher™ easily handles both paper and digital outputs, while greatly simplifying and expediting the technical documentation production process with a collection of easy to use, out-of-the box stylesheets.

Publisher utilizes common Web standard technologies to enable easy stylesheet creation, customization and maintenance, eliminating the need to use proprietary or complex customized formats. Almost any user who is able to build a Web page can easily create a customized publication layout and perform simple stylesheet changes.

No third-party software plug-ins or additional licenses are required to support graphics or other requirements; all the functionality is included in one complete package.

In this complimentary Webinar, Sean Rushing, Director of Inmedius S1000D Software & Services, will explain and demonstrate the exciting capabilities of S1000Dpublisher.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

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