Inmedius S1000D

S1000D Professional Services

Inmedius offers a broad scope of value-added professional services and resources to help clients achieve unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency in the capture, creation, management, and deployment of technical information assets. Our team of consultants has a wide breath of experience, working with defense contractors, corporate enterprises, technical publication firms, and branches of the military around the globe.


Embarking on a professional authoring project can be a daunting endeavor, and especially difficult when an organization lacks the necessary skills to fully understand the contractual obligations to their customers. Inmedius provides a comprehensive S1000D consultancy service that guides and assists you through the practical implications of a project from the planning stage to implementation. By utilizing these resources, you can ensure that S1000D projects are completed on time, within budget, and in compliance with required business rules. Consultation is available for either specifications-based publishing or other customized authoring ventures, including:

  • Architectural and implementation guidance
  • Planning, implementing project meta data and business rules
  • Optimizing the technical publication process
  • Conversion of legacy data to the specification
  • Simplified English usage for S1000D
  • ILS process and integrations with S1000D authoring
  • Process modeling and S1000D

SGML/XML Transformation

Transforming existing SGML or XML documents into other technical specifications is an overwhelming undertaking, and even more challenging without the tools or expertise to perform the task. Inmedius provides clients with consulting services for the analysis, development, and transformation of complex SGML or XML documents within larger operational systems. This service is designed to assist customers that need to:

  • Convert legacy data into SGML or XML
  • Provide small amounts of data, but lack the internal resources
  • Deliver documents compliant to the specification, but are unable to upgrade to the necessary technology, personnel or software


For customers who wish to outsource a documentation project — new, existing or legacy — Inmedius has professional technical authors to undertake the entire task. These experts can deliver an analysis of requirements, converted/printed output, fully populated IETPs, or software document management systems for your organization to continue to manage and maintain.

Stylesheet Development

There is growing demand to deliver publications with customized output requirements using a single SGML/XML data source. Several options to address these print requirements are by using desktop publishing templates, including:

  • Formatting Output Specification Instance (FOSI)
  • Extensible Styling Language Formatting Objects (XSL-FO)
  • Element Definition Documents (EDDs)

Stylesheets promote portability to different applications and environments, support reordering and transformation of documentation, and separate the styles from document content and structure. Stylesheets can be incorporated into existing authoring applications or ‘pipelined’ within document management and control systems. With stylesheets, it’s easy to automate:

  • Revision and amendment marking
  • Generated lists
  • Section numbering
  • Customized process numbering
  • String manipulation
  • Data processing and context checking

Inmedius has extensive expertise in the development and production of specifications-based (S1000D, ATA iSpec, CALS, AESP) or customized stylesheets for clients who wish to use an external, cost-effective development service. In addition to stylesheet implementation, Inmedius offers tailored software development for SGML and XML applications.

Creation of DTD (Document Type Definition)

Inmedius can help you define or modify industry DTDs to better support your organization. The DTD defines which elements appear in a document, which attributes can be assigned to an element, and which elements appear inside other elements.

Converting Legacy Data to S1000D

One aspect of S1000D everyone eventually encounters is the need to convert legacy data. Key factors in the difficulty of conversion include; the complexity of the source data and its structure, whether the source documents are in standard word processing format or SGML/XML, graphics (hard copy, raster, vector), and what form the final output will take. Inmedius has extensive working knowledge and years of experience in converting legacy data into S1000D, offering products and services that are engineered to meet customer needs.

Inmedius specializes in the development of both Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software as well as customer-specific applications. Our highly trained staff is able to develop and deliver innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with the client’s overall IT infrastructure.

Inmedius has the domain and technical expertise necessary to take your project from the planning stages to implementation. We employ six core steps that build upon one another to ensure a smooth and successful process. These steps help to ensure that business objectives are obtained with nominal disruption to the organization.

  1. Assessment We work with you to gain an intimate knowledge of how the enterprise operates. Together we assess your needs and define a direction.
  2. Proposal The results of the assessment are the basis in crafting a clear plan of action. The proposal details the plan, objectives, milestones and deliverables.
  3. Build Once the application is developed, Inmedius will help to test and configure the system to your specifications.
  4. Transition Inmedius prepares the customer’s enterprise for implementing the solution.
  5. Implementation Inmedius understands the impact of the new system as a result of the information gathered during the assessment, ensuring that the solution meets customer expectations and provides the required return on investment. Throughout the process, Inmedius continually offers support and guidance.
  6. Support Inmedius supports the complete lifecycle of all software products including on-going maintenance, training, enhancements and telephone customer service.

Comprehensive course curriculums are customizable to suit client requirements and are conveniently presented at either an Inmedius office or the customer’s site.

Course topics include, but are not limited to:

  • ASD S1000D Specification
  • CALS vs. S1000D
  • Working with structured documents
  • Authoring with ASD S1000D
  • Creating Data Module Requirements List (DMRL)
  • Creating multilingual documents
  • Understanding SGML & XML
  • Structured authoring with XML
  • Creating business rules
  • Inmedius software product training