Inmedius S1000D

Defining the ASD S1000D Specification

ASD S1000D represented the first true technical publishing advancement in 30 years. Rapidly becoming the de facto standard for technical documentation throughout the world, S1000D eliminates many constraints that have hamstrung the technical writing community for decades. The core S1000D principle of information reuse, or Data Modules, produces information structured in ways that make it deliverable in a wide variety of electronic formats, as well as traditional printed manuals.


Jointly produced by the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA), ASD S1000D (formerly AECMA S1000D) is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications for aerospace, defense and capital-intensive equipment applications.

Information Reuse, the Heart of the Standard
  • Reduces documentation costs
  • Improves information accuracy
  • Decreases time to market

The S1000D Compliance Challenge

Globally, S1000D compliance is being mandated in contracts with increasing frequency. While documentation managers don't need to be convinced of the value of information reuse, many are stymied by the daunting challenge of conforming to the thousands of pages of S1000D requirements. These complexities can become unwieldy, while mixing and matching software tools is confusing, cumbersome and costly.

Existing systems simply aren't up to the task, because S1000D is not just another specification — it forces a fundamental change in the traditional process of developing information. Creating individual technical manuals that comply with one specification or another is no longer the game plan. Most projects will require that a database must be skillfully populated with tens of thousands of reusable components that can instantly be assembled into cohesive and accurate electronic guides. Trying to use tools developed for the old paradigm doesn’t work.

S1000D Projects Require New Tools

The biggest gap left by existing information development tools is the management function for S1000D projects — all the upfront module and database definitions, maintaining the integrity of that database during the development process, and then final assembly and extraction of the information. There is still a paramount authoring function to be performed, but it is a task devoid of traditional formatting concerns that are now stipulated in, and controlled by, project stylesheets. Authoring is clearly content-centric, but with new and unfamiliar rules.

S1000D requires a fundamental change in the traditional process of developing information.

Because S1000D was created to give instant access to current, accurate information, providing viewing capabilities is critical. Contracts frequently specify other real world requirements to publish S1000D documents as printed manuals, or in other electronic file formats. Also advantageous are productivity aids to assist with the transition from existing military and equipment specifications to S1000D. As S1000D continues its widespread adoption, a new breed of production and publishing solutions is emerging to face these needs and challenges.

S1000D Publishing Suite

With a wealth of technical expertise and experience, Inmedius strategically forged a set of tools with extraordinary capabilities. Imbedded in the software is the power to manage and customize the information development process that is essential for cost-effective, high-quality S1000D implementations. Inmedius offers an integrated solution that supports S1000D information development in a way that no other combination of products can even approximate.

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